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Eugenia Brini

My name is Eugenia Brini and I’m a Graphic & Visual Designer. 

My work serves to concretize the ideas you have in mind. I’m here to help!

Sliced Vegetables Concept

My ingredients

I mix creativityempathy and organization with a good dose of irony and enthusiasm. If you are here to read this page, you need to give your business a graphic look and you want to know if I’m the right one for you, right?

Whether you are at the beginning and need a brand identity to let you know by your audience or that you have reached a turning point in your career, let’s talk about it!
I have the ears to listen, the heart to understand and in mind, supported by the hands, to make all your needs real!

Let’s sit down and talk about it

Let’s sit down and talk about it with a cup of tea (or coffee) live or via Skype.
I have created tools to help you understand which path is the right one for you because each person is unique and deserves tailor-made communication.

Let’s try together to understand who you are and what you do, which products you need and how to create your own luggage to communicate to the world.

I work with:

  • Beginners and professionals need to put a face to their work.
  • With small and medium-sized businesses that want to grow and be known and recognized by creating timely products.
  • With those who have a dynamic vision of creative work and always looking for effective solutions.

My passions bring me far away

I have so many passions that I often share with those who choose to work with me. 
That for sustainable solutions, I also talk about it in my blog, guides me in my work and I find it really a good starting point from which to always start. Don’t waste resources, don’t accumulate or pollute. Less is more, it is also my motto. Less, but more effective!

I became Canva Certified Creative to be useful to those who, like you, want to be the protagonist of their communication and prefer to manage their image independently in a professional manner.


And then…

After we have talked a little, you will see that a little magic will happen: it trigger wonderful mechanisms that will make the work become a pleasure. A continuous dialogue to get to know each other better and really communicate your essence to let your customers choose you.

I believe that knowing each other is a gift: because we can work better if we understand each other. Because I can also learn from you, from your sector that is different from mine and from your experiences. Everything serves to enrich what I call my Gallery of continuous stimuli that makes me the professional I am. Curious, always evolving and looking for improvement.

Hands with support gears isolated on white background

Do you want to deepen your passion for Canva?

I promise to translate it or put subtitles or make one in English if you will forgive my accent!

Do you want to have a chat with me?

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