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Your vision will become clear
only when you can look
into your own heart.
Who looks outside, dreams;
who looks inside, awakes.
Carlo Gustav Jung

Who am I

Graphic & visual designer | Canva Expert & Creator  | Creative Trainer | Adobe addicted and Apple Lover | Passionate cook

I am a graphic and visual designer, consultant and teacher of creative subjects with a passion for innovative tools and a focus on sustainable design.

If you are looking for your image, your voice on social media and to find a way to create your strong, effective and aware brand, I am here to help you.

We will create personalized itineraries through consultancy, tools and active listening: we will create everything you need to talk about you to your audience, offline and online.

Every detail will be taken care of, and nothing will be left to chance!

If you imagined it, you could tell me.
If you can tell me, I can make it happen with you!

What do I love

Train me and follow professional eventsListen to music – Study calligraphy and letteringRead, write and be informed – Work in groups and alone – Make conscious purchases – Pizza and chocolateBlueberry juice – My cup always full of green tea – To cook.

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What I do not like

The approximation and unjustified delays – The jokes about my being a vegetarian – The pastel colours (they have little personality!) – The lack of respect – The infertile complaints – The smell of gentle bleach – The “ears” folded to books (bad! ) – Loud sounds and screams.

If you want to read what I’m talking about 

I love to work with

I love the comparison with my colleagues and my clients and getting involved with projects of all kinds. However, you know, not all people are made to work together. Each of us has different times and methods, and I work better with:

  • Beginners and professionals need to put a face to their work.
  • Small and medium-sized companies want to grow and be known and recognized by creating effective products.
  • Who has a vision of dynamic creative work and always looking for effective solutions?

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