A conscious portfolio

I share only works that represent me.
A moving portfolio, as I am. In continuous evolution. Few projects, those that I feel are mine, those that have seen me engaged in continuous research. In a continuous active listening, in an exchange of ideas and stimuli with the person in front of me, who was at the center of my project.

Brand Identity for a creative accountant!

Rocco was a student of one my online course. We never met, live. 
He understood that he wanted to work with me from my explanations. 
We spoke by phone and from that moment a very strong bond was created. 
A true professional: attentive, accurate, passionate and … creative
We speak the same language, while working in areas that are far apart, but useful to each other. We started from his new brand and who knows where the road will take us?

A Brand identity for a wellness teacher

Our paths crossed years ago and since then we have continued to compare and collaborate. Giorgia Colavolpe has a strong determination and is great training as a female wellness expert
I redesigned her logo, created her brand image, some communications tools and the basis for its website, which it now manages independently and with great passion. Generous teacher and always looking for solutions.

My visual CV to be known, recognized and remembered!

This project was created for the selection and admission to the specialist degree course in Systemic Design at the Polytechnic of Turin. A resume is a very powerful and interesting product, but also a motorcycle discussed! It must be precise and detailed, never too long.
I love visual curricula and this is the new result of my efforts.

Coordinated image of a golden Consultant!

The brand identity of a wonderful frient/client: Cristina Lobascio, a dynamic, sophisticated and truly unique image consultant. From the design of its logo-signature, to the creation of all the details, many on a golden background, to the creation of its coordinated products: business card (with golden print), brochures, flyers, web templates.

A super gluttonous logo

Logo design for a food blog of Golosi itineranti (itinerant gourmets). Travel and food passions! 3 simple, honest and greedy symbols! The itinerant gourmands are fantastic! A job done at a physical distance, but close to tastes! A comparison that made sure that the logo adhered to the values, tastes and storytelling of their site.

A logo restyling for a super developmental psychotherapist!

This was a really nice restyling of a logo. My client, with whom a very strong bond of empathy was immediately created, is a psychotherapist of the developmental age with a psychoanalytic orientation. Specialized in various schools to work with children and adolescents and with adults, she has a delicate but solid way of approaching her subject. I had the pleasure of working with her also on the creation of her website, business card and we are creating other products together ..