Who am I

Graphic & visual designer | Canva Certified Creative (akaCanva Ambassador) | Personal Brander

How many beautiful words! So what job do I do?
I’m a graphic designer. I set up pages, design and create effective communications products for both print and the web. I am also a teacher, I can create paths to help you take care of your image online and offline.

My goal is to listen to the brilliant ideas you have and turn them into reality, offering effective and useful products to make your business shine.

If you can imagined it, you can tell me.
If you can tell me, I can make it happen.

Chocolate chip cookie on white background

What do I love

My cheerful family – Listening to music while I work – Cooking good things – Reading, writing and informing me – Making conscious purchases – Pizza and chocolate – Blueberry juice – My cup always full of green tea – Studying calligraphy and lettering.

If you want to know what do I do …


What I do not like

Be verbally assaulted – The approximation and unjustified delays – The jokes about my being a vegetarian – The pastel colors (they have little personality!) – The lack of respect – The infertile complaints – The smell of gentle bleach – The “ears” folded to books (bad! ) – Loud sounds and screams.

If you want to read what I’m talking about …

I’m loving to work with

I love the comparison with my colleagues and my clients and to get involved with projects of all kinds. However, you know, not all people are made to work together. Each of us has different times and methods, I work better with:

  • Freelancers who need to communicate their business to the world and have a new image to talk to their customers;
  • Attentive people with a conscious approach, eager to share, with me, more sustainable and conscious lifestyles, not only by recycling, but also by creating a business without wasting energy and time;
  • Small realities with a big heart, working in the field of ethical projects and support for people, to feel involved (women’s projects, for children, support for families, eco-sustainability, lifestyles).

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Be Happy,
Be Healthy,
Be a Greenlancer

For me, being a freelancer means being free to make choices. It is a path in which you must become aware of who you are and where you want to go.
For this reason I decided to create a newsletter in which I talk and discuss about various topics: from awareness to serenity passing from creative thinking to effective solutions.

I call it GreenLancer

Sign up for my newsletter, I promise only good things, good and healthy for your personal and professional life. I also created a facebook group to confront each other more directly, come along too!

If you are english mother tongue, let me know I’ll try to translate as better as I can!