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The life of a Canva lover

My path becoming a Canva Expert

In August 2018, I thought of writing to Canva to ask how I could teach their
wonderful tool respecting their values.

They proposed that I become a Certified Creative Canva
and join an international group to bring my values ​​too! And I have been for 4 years! It was a rich and stimulating adventure. I was thrilled with it every day! But this journey is not over!

Finally, after a long journey with my travel companions, I officially became the first Italian Canva Expert. A beautiful evolution of the figure: from beta tester to promoter of content and the love I have for Canva!

Whenever Canva proposes a program, I can’t help but throw my head at it and therefore, although I have had some slowdowns, I announce that I am a Canva Creator, and I am starting to create a few templates to launch in the magical Canva archive. 

If you are interested, go for it too!
Go to the link and register! The world needs your creativity!

Badge_Expert Profile Ring

What was the CCC assignment? And what do I do now!

Every day we have had the task of testing the novelties together with other CCCs, implementing what is missing, and fixing what needs to be perfected. In short, we were part of one of the largest inclusive design experiments ever seen!

Every day I have confronted myself with people from all over the world, I have tested myself with new potential and I have new friends that I did not think I could find, time zones permitting!

I created a community called Creative Academy with Canva to talk about this tool that really revolutionized the world of communication and mine!


Sharing values, becoming an expert!

I immediately shared the mission of its founder Melanie Perkis. Because it’s simple, it’s scalable, and it’s democratic – it wanted to help college students prepare effective and beautiful presentations and yearbooks to browse!

After creating FusionYearBooks, he found a few partners, and it’s all been growing from there! Now over 15 million users use this tool. I try to bring Canva’s values ​​everywhere.

For this reason, I recently started Canva Amore e creativitàCanva Amore e creatività on Instagram to talk about my passion for this crazy tool there too!

What projects have I made

1st Course on Udemy: Fall in love with communication

The complete Canva course to fall in love and effectively take care of your communication! A lot of theory and many exercises to put the lessons into practice.

A journey into visual communication, made of words but also of action!
Lots of tutorials, from creating your business card to really powerful products such as the visual curriculum vitae and the media kit!

You will learn to love Canva, the tool that is revolutionizing the world of communication and effective content planning; beautiful and easy to create.

Crowdcast online workshop: being there in an alternative way!

I held 5 online workshops during the quarantine months and each one was designed and studied for an audience with special needs. It was really a lot of fun. I was able to talk to people of different ages, working conditions and passions.
With all of them it was intense, fun and I grew up as a professional. I went a little further out of my comfort zone and I was able to convey my passion and enthusiasm. Not only as an Ambassador, but also as a professional in the field of visual communication.
If you are interested let’s talk: a 2-3 hour online workshop with theory and exercises is a nice way to understand if Canva is for you!

2nd Course: Canva from A to zeta, the tool as you have never seen it!

Are you looking for an easy, accessible and inspirational tool for your communication? Do you need to create captivating images that tell about you, but you don’t know where to start?

We will start from the bases, and together we will travel the fascinating road to the knowledge of the tool that has revolutionized the world of communication.

An always updated course, with new videos every week. Exercises and little tricks to become communication professionals in an easy and agile way!

Consultancy for Io Posso project, created during the lockdown

As a graphic designer and a Canva Certified Creative, I decided to answer this call, thanks to our amazing national female network that involved me, to help people understand if Canva can be the right solution to manage online and offline communication!
dedicate an hour live with a presentation designed for the person who asked for advice. I speak of the application and how fun and effective it is, to be used on any device and at any time!
The project was very stimulating because it allowed me to speak with people of all kinds, with knowledge at different levels of the tool and with the need to get involved, especially in such an intense moment.

Would you like to know more?

Do you want to organize a course or workshop designed around your / your needs? Would you like to discover Canva’s secrets and tricks?

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